8 Video Game Sequels That Removed Amazing Features

Bigger But Definitely Not Better.

Red Dead Poker 2

When it comes to making a sequel, no matter the IP, fans are going to have some expectations going in. Namely that a follow-up is meant to be bigger, louder, more stuffed with content than ever before, and by association, a better time for all.

This is especially true when it comes to mechanics and unique selling points, as with a sequel the developers get a chance to address any of the less refined details of their original and polish things up to a sparkling sheen. However, it's also a moment of reflection for the team, as if they feel they've taken a mechanic as far as they can, or it's coming into conflict with their new vision for the franchise, they may consider dropping it altogether.

Most of the time this is a good thing, as it's usually features that cut the cheese rather than the mustard with fans that are first on the chopping block, yet sometimes fans will be left slack-jawed at the fact that beloved and sometimes revolutionary mechanics and features seem to be axed for no reason whatsoever!

So let's raise a glass to these gimmicks that got ganked by their own sequels!

8. Clothes Affecting Characteristics - NEO The World Ends With You

Red Dead Poker 2
Square Enix

If you've not played either of TWEWY games then you my friend are missing out on a fantastic slice of JRPG goodness. Featuring a hefty dose of insanity through its plot of the dead competing against each other to win back their spirits or be erased from history forever, there's never a dull moment, and while drawing a lot of attention for its artwork and engaging battle system, also provided a really unique and fun mechanic centered around clothing.

Across all of the districts in the original game, you'll find different clothing brands each representing a different aspect of the Chinese Zodiac, and while it's not uncommon for RPG experiences to let you purchase clothes and dress your characters, these brands actually held a lot of weight when it came to combat.

You see, depending on the popularity of the brand you would get buffs or sometimes even nerfs to your attack strength, and through completing missions you could raise the popularity of certain brands in order to make combat in certain districts easier. As a bonus some of the NPCs would even change their clothing to reflect the more popular brands in each area, making for a world that feels reactive to your actions!

It was a brilliantly fun mechanic, which while not game-changing was unfortunately removed from NEO: The World Ends With You.


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