8 Video Game Skills You Wished You Never Bought

7. Environmental Resistance - Deus Ex

shadow of mordor

Now I can imagine that a fair few people in the audience familiar with Dues Ex might be surprised to see that I'm not completely sandbagging another infamously terrible skill within this otherwise brilliant title, and whilst it's true that the swimming perk is absolutely useless seeing as you are given items to breathe underwater, another ability to do the same without items and of course a healing ability more powerful than the damage you take from drowning, the Environmental Resistance perk is somehow even worse!

I say this because while the Aqualung perk absolutely sucks in that it takes up a slot on your build and does next to nothing that a rebreather can't accomplish, the Environmental Resistance perk requires several levels of upgrading in order to do the same as a basic item you can find in the game. And remember the Hazmat Suit is found near every single environmental hazard in the first bloody place.

So let's walk through this together, you will need to upgrade this useless skill, again taking up another space on your build, MULTIPLE TIMES, in order to do the same as an item found exclusively near the area you'd need to use the perk in the first place.

If you bought this then you were a FOOL.


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