8 Video Game Skills You Wished You Never Bought

Buyers remorse.

shadow of mordor

If there's one thing we gamers love, it's a good video game skill (that and a moan about the current state of the industry, but I digress).

With these bespoke and powerful abilities, we can take lowly bottom-feeding heroes and turn them into megalodons, especially if some of these unlockables straight up break the game with their overpowered nature.

However, that's the topic for another list, as today we're looking at the inverse, of video game skills that left you utterly baffled as to a, why you had to pay for them in the first place and b, whether or not they even work as their impact on the game is so minimal or sometimes detrimental to the experience!

A duff skill can see players waste hours of their lives grinding for the resources to unlock it, and curse the developers personally and at length if it means that their build has been ruined thanks to unforeseen effects tanking their playthrough. So buyer beware as we look at some video game skills you really wish you'd never bought!

8. Cult Of Personality - Fallout 2

shadow of mordor
Black Isle Studios

In the original Fallout games, shaping your character build carefully is pretty much an essential skill in of itself, as with just a few wrong perk placements and bad points allocation you could find yourself locked out of late-game rewards, special quests, and of course simply just be shot to ribbons by weapons of which you have little to no resistance against.

Therefore when you pick a duff perk after all that grinding it stings worst than a Radscorpion to the eyeball, and the Cult Of Personality perk sure is a lethal dose of poison to those looking to survive the irradiated wastes.

Now on paper this perk actually seems really useful, as it's meant to allow the player access to conversations with NPCs who might otherwise hate the player character, thus allowing you to extract information, rewards, and entire questlines that your actions may otherwise see you locked out of. As it stands this is incredible as it allows you to play as a psychotic murderer whilst also giving you the option to work with law bringers for sweet coin and ever sweeter loot!

Yet there's just one problem, and it's a rather massive one....it doesn't work.

The perk is bugged meaning that you will be trying in vain to get people to speak to you all the while potentially angering them further. Cult of Personality? This turns you into a bloody Pariah!


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