8 Video Game-To-Movie Adaptations That Get Way Too Much Hate

Not-so-flawless victories.


Video game adaptations, it seems, are not the general moviegoer's cup of tea. How many films based on games have performed well enough at the box office to justify sequels that aren't direct-to-video? Less than a handful. How many have earned critical acclaim? Even fewer.

Despite the gaming business evolving to the point that the writing and cinematography frequently exceed Hollywood's feeble standards, it still seems like it's incredibly difficult to translate a video game property to the big screen without a large portion of the audience taking up pitchforks and trying to run the filmmaker out of town.

With Warcraft and Assassin's Creed - two of the most beloved video game franchises in recent history - making their way to multiplexes this year, all we can do is hope that these films make a more significant impact than previous attempts.

The real question, though, isn't whether filmmakers will ever figure out how to make an impressive and celebrated video game adaptation, but whether we, as an audience, will ever let them.

Because like it or not, we're just harder on these types of movies. Which is why, even though we've already seen plenty of good - or even great - video game adaptations over the years, none of them get even a modicum of the respect they deserve.

So let's stop the hate. Even if just for a moment.


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