8 Video Game Trailers That GO HARD

Hype levels at max capacity!

Strafe Trailer
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If there's one surefire way to sell first-class tickets on board the hype train, it's getting a world-class trailer in front of the unwashed gaming masses.

Without showing even a shred of gameplay you might be able to send pre-order sales through the roof, or through extensive demonstration of your core mechanics you might become the overnight talking point of the entire industry.

Truly creating a video game trailer is in itself a fine science, as the careful balance has to be struck between showing off all your best bits but without giving too much of the experience away, and in some cases trying to hide the game entirely so that you can bamboozle all these die-hard fans into lining your coffers.

That being said there are some video game trailers and hype packages that just say "ah screw it let's break off the bloody dial" and crank things up to 11 so hard that even Spinal Tap is saying that's a bit much. Whether through delivering a short film classic for the ages or just giving fans everything they want and then some, these trailers laughed at the concept of moderation (and in some cases decency).

8. Paul Pheonix Reveal - Tekken 8

Strafe Trailer

Now to be honest the very announcement that Tekken 8 was even coming out was a moment that went truly and utterly hard, seeing as the fighting video game community has been licking themselves raw in anticipation for a sequel for ages. However, I can honestly say hand on heart that nobody expected things to go this hard.

And I'm not just talking about the incredible level of detail on each fighter, or the reworked character models which show a clear advancement in time, nor about the slew of new moves that eager fans have already started to factor into their new combo chains, no instead I'm talking about the absolute beans given to the introduction of each combatant provided by the inimitable Lenne Hardt.

Seriously the way she screams Paul PHEEEEEEEONIX is otherworldly, giving so much socks to the performance that she actively blasted our own off. While at first, the delivery might seem out of place when compared to the gruff and serious posturing of some fighters, make no mistake, this is what hype, pure unadulterated hype, sounds like. Plus lest we not forget this is a series containing devils, cyborgs, and fighting bears so this type of emotional range is perfectly in keeping with the over-the-top tone.

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