8 Video Game Trailers That GO HARD

7. Dead Island

Strafe Trailer
Deep Silver

I don't think you can create a list like this and not at least pay reference to the wonderful oddity that was the Dead Island announcement trailer.

While the world would come to know Dead Island as a very different beast, the trailer presented a holiday disaster for the ages that was, dare I say it, rather beautiful.

Channeling the likes of 28 Weeks Later we were delivered a short horror story focusing on a family having the holiday from hell. Yet, in place of construction work, grubby rooms, and British gammon heads stinking up the joint, here we had zombies looking to tear you limb from limb. And trust me this trailer goes absolutely balls to the wall with it's central message.

That being that you are absolutely, 100%, f****d.

When you start with the dead eyes of a child staring at you, you know that things aren't exactly going to be rainbow rhythms, and still things somehow get even worse from there, as we are shown in rather excruciating detail the life, death and unlife of this youngster alongside her doomed family.

It's tense and wrought with emotion far beyond the arcadey hack n slash elements of the actual game, and the fact that it features none of the central cast at all means that this little pocket of horror was as far removed from the final product as it could have possibly been.

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