8 Video Game Villains That Helped You Beat Other Bosses

7. Chef Saltbaker - Cuphead DLC

Studio MDHR

When you consider the amount of trouble some of the bosses in Cuphead can give even skilled players, there's a good chance you'll be looking for any help you can get!

Well, fret not my jug-eared friend, because Chef Saltbaker is here with a magic cookie that will transcend both your mortal understanding of taste and also the astral realm itself, as it allows either Mugman or Cuphead to switch places with Ms. Chalice and thus brings her sweet skills to the table.

For many players going through the Cuphead DLC, using Chalice is a must to get over some of the more challenging bosses and learn their patterns, as thanks to her double jump and lenient dash options she'll breeze through sections you'd otherwise get roasted by. Now at this point, you're likely asking yourself "Well how does Saltbaker qualify for this list then if he's a nice and helpful sort?" Well, it turns out that this lad has been selling us a baker's dozen of lies because the ingredients we've been gathering are in fact for him to use to take over the spirit realm!

The cad!

Still, one has to give the villain some props, as without his magical cookie, besting the other bosses sure is a damn sight more challenging! So cheers! Absolutely boo to you but cheers!


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