8 Video Game Villains That Helped You Beat Other Bosses

6. Letz Shake - No More Heroes

Grasshopper Manufacture

When it comes to boss battles, No More Heroes really has the entire concept down to a fine art.

Across it's three main games and "we've got Travis at home" spin-off, you'll battle assassins, monsters, and superpowered entities left right, and center, and thanks to the team approaching each encounter with the mantra of making them feel unique, every single boss battle becomes something to truly look forward to.

Plus the act of even getting to these epic encounters is so purposefully arduous that come the end of your fifteenth garbage pickup side mission your blood is getting fizzy and you're aching for a battle to release the tension. Yes I know that sounded weird but that is the actual point of these games, to make you question the relationship between violence and gratification.

That being said, there is an utter blue balling in the original game like no other, which comes in the form of Letz Shake's showdown.

Here Travis has finally earned enough ducats to duel and faces off against a monstrous machine-like tower, which apparently houses power so potent it can wipe out all life in a mile-wide radius. As Letz Shake powers up and announces all of its protocols and sub-systems, Travis races forward....only for the entire battle to end in an instant with Henry, Travis's half-brother, cutting the tower in two.

After delivering a few barbs, Henry bolts, leaving Travis and the player screaming to the sky about a battle they never got to truly experience. Cheers for the assist brother but next time, at least let me get a strike in!


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