8 Video Games That Actually Made Us Want To Go Outside

"Don't try this at home" they said.... too late.

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 The outside world is a terrifying place. I know, I've seen movies. It's much safer to stay inside and play video games all day, despite what everybody would tell you. However, occasionally, we'll discover a video game that actually makes us WANT to go outside. It's crazy; why would a game want to drive you away from it? It's not just sports games either €“ a variety of games could make us want to explore the world outside our door first hand. If only these irresponsible games also taught us the consequences of these rash decisions, we'd be able to stay inside where it's safe, warm and cosy. Here are eight examples of games that should be banned for encouraging us to put our lives at risk in braving the outside world (this sentence may contain sarcasm, don't actually ban any video games).

8. Metal Gear Solid

Made Us Want To: Sneak into places we really shouldn't be in. Metal Gear Solid is the world's first 'Tactical Espionage Action' game, which basically means you'll be sneaking around a lot. It's a great game though with a bunch of great gameplay ideas to increase the tension of the stealth mechanics €“ for example, Snake will leave footprints in the snow which enemies could follow to find him. It adds an extra element to the stealth aspects of the game, forcing you to cover your own tracks at all times. So, of course, we've all no doubt tried to recreate Snake's immense bravery by sneaking into somewhere we shouldn't. Maybe you've pressed yourself up against a wall to minimise your visibility, only to realise you don't possess a third person camera to see around the wall or that you must have left your Soliton Radar at home. Just please don't try to conceal cigarettes in your stomach €“ you likely aren't going to find any invisible lasers and it's just a bad habit in general to be honest.

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