8 Video Games EVERYBODY Played (But Nobody Talks About)

Do you remember?

playerunknown's battlegrounds pubg

When looking at a list of the all-time best selling video games, unsurprisingly, most of what is featured are widely beloved titles frequently brought up in conversation.

Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto V, and the first generation of Pokémon games are titles everybody has played and are eager to discuss. The thing is though, trends come and go, so of course, a few best selling games go uncelebrated.

That's not to say you won't of heard of these, hell you probably own quite a few of them, it's just that you probably haven't thought of these best-sellers since your honeymoon period with them ended.

There are a few ways that something everybody owned can disappear from memory. Some titles become popular but are immediately overtaken by another trend. For example, look how Among Us massacred poor Fall Guys.

Some games are a part of a yearly release schedule, and even if it sells well, this business model encourages you to forget entries of a series and move on to the latest title.

Oh, and with some games there just isn't much to talk about. They're nice distractions everybody picks up, but aren't deep enough to be worthy of longterm discussion.

8. Nintendogs

playerunknown's battlegrounds pubg

Sold: 23,960,000 copies

Nowadays Nintendogs is most known for that annoying assist trophy in Super Smash Bros. that manages to assist literally nobody as a giant dog paws away at your screen, but there was a point in time when nobody would shut up about it.

Nintendogs is a game all about cute looking doggies so of course everybody with a soul who owned a Nintendo DS picked the game up. Since everybody owned a DS and most people have a soul, this game sold a lot.

The thing is though, Nintendogs isn't exactly a deep experience that you can play for hours on end without getting bored.

Once the allure of the adorable dogs went away most people moved onto something else. Nintendogs is just a pet simulator without the rewards of having a real dog like getting to pet them so the illusion disappeared quickly.

That's not to say that Nintendogs is a bad game, it's just a really shallow title where the entertainment value wears off pretty quickly and you realise that you have a real pet you could be looking after instead.


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