8 Video Games Mistakes The Fans Corrected

So THAT's how Resident Evil 5 was supposed to look.

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Now and then a game can release and, as good as it might be, something just seems missing or wrong.

It can be an absolutely chart-topping 10/10 bestseller and a title that's sure to go down in history but there's just the odd little thing that you might make you think "this would've been even better, had they changed or fixed this".

It's not until a dedicated fan or team of fans has gotten under the hood to correct something that you might not realise what it even was. But then, once it's done, it's hard to go back to that pure experience because it just makes so much more sense this way.

Making a video game is a hell of a lot of work so far be it for the fans to tell developers how to do their job. If anything, it's totally understandable that things don't always get the tightening that they need considering the stories we hear all the time of workplace crunch and strict deadlines within the industry.

This list will highlight the things that fans changed out of love for the game, often times to allow a title to live longer and be more accessible for all.

8. An NPC Map - Stardew Valley

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In itself, it’s impressive that Stardew Valley was entirely made by one person and what makes it even better is just how good it is. Gamers worldwide have put thousands upon thousands of hours into the life sim and very few have much bad to say about it.

However, players did discuss online pretty soon after the release that they wished it was easy to see where NPCs were going to be throughout the day. Modder Bouhm saw the opportunity here and got to work.

In the original release of the game, players were required to either make notes of or just memorise the routines of the town’s inhabitants. There’s a lot of characters in Stardew Valley each with their own benefits and stories so let’s face it, most people found themselves repeatedly referring to the game’s Wiki page.

The NPC Map Locations does exactly what it says on the tin - no more and no less.

With this in hand, players can now see every villager moving around the game’s mini-map so that they know which corner of the town they have to head towards to find their respectable bachelor or bachelorette. No more running screaming through the streets holding onto that gift looking for your pixelated beloved.


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