8 Video Games Mistakes The Fans Corrected

7. Grammar Of The Path - Witcher III: Wild Hunt

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What might seem minor to some can be a real immersion breaker for others. Where you might be able to gloss over or even not even see a spelling mistake in a game’s text, some players struggle when they start to find them everywhere.

Roleplaying games in particular have absolutely loads of text to trawl through so if a writing team hasn’t used enough of a fine tooth comb then there’s bound to be errors. The Witcher III unfortunately has a pretty big laundry list of grammatical and spelling mistakes, so much so that one fan took it upon themselves to do something about it.

Grammar of the Path (created by PaulR0013) fixes typos, spacing, formatting and various other inaccuracies within the game’s text. Apparently, it’s over 1,000 lines of text fixed at the very least which spans the game’s dialogue, bestiary, books and quests.

Reading through all of the game's script looking for fixes is a whole journey in itself and surely must’ve taken hours, all for the effort of a more fluid experience for everyone.

This way, you’ll continue to feel like Geralt the Witcher for the entire story rather than suddenly being taken out of the experience by formatting issues that remind you that you’re just a gamer sitting on their sofa reading text that someone else has written.


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