8 Video Games Released After Their Consoles DIED

Gone but not forgotten.

dreamcast game

The death of a video game console is a strange event indeed.

For some, it will be a truly painful moment, as we wave goodbye to the platforms that gave us formative gaming memories and inimitable experiences. For others it's a chance to look forward at a brilliant higher resolution dawn, to journey on into a world of possibilities that prior tech just couldn't even fathom.

Yet, either way, it's truly what came before that helps shape the road ahead and so the announcement of all support ceasing for a console really is a moment to reflect on.

Or curse aloud because now you've got to fork out a huge wad of cash for something that will have like four video games at launch and months to wait for anything else. LOOKING AT YOU, XBOX 360.

Also joining you in that chorus of cussing are devs and publishers who missed the boat, and dropped their title weeks, months, or even years after a console had been laid to rest. Some came from bad luck, some from spite, and some strangely came by choice, but either way, all these games arrived just a bit late to the party.

8. Micro Mages - NES

dreamcast game
Morphcat Studios

Make no bones about it, I am in love with Micro Mages. Move over Micro Machines, move over Micro brewery pubs, there is a new love in my hipstery life and it's this NES game that was released all the way back in...2019.

That's right a whopping 24 years after the final game was dropped for the NES (that being the tie-in game for The Lion King) comes arguably one of the console's greatest-ever achievements. Developed by Morphcat Games and using just 40kb worth of cartridge space, Micro Mages is the epitome of quality game design and ludicrous milking of ever single ounce of the NES's hardware.

Playing as one of the titular tiny tricksters, you need to ascend a series of increasingly tough towers in order to prove to the world that big things come in small packages. Utilizing wall jumping, spell-slinging and even roping in a buddy or two to help you out in the game's co-op mode, this is a gaming experience polished to a mirror sheen.

Honestly, if you were to take this title and travel back to the NES heyday, this title would be championed as the best of it's ilk and likely have some announcing that graphics will never get better than this. And when you fall under the spell of Micro Mages's charm, you'd be hard-pressed to argue with them.

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