8 Video Games Released After Their Consoles DIED

7. The Textorcist: The Story Of Ray Bibbia

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If ever there was a way to wake up a gamer who has unfortunately ended up in a coma, it's uttering the words "yeah but the Dreamcast was a terrible console though" because trust me they will fire back up like Satan himself shoved a pitchfork in their backside.

And you know what, in between all the "well actually's" they will then spew, there is a true case to be made for the Dreamcast being the most understated and underserved console ever made. It had the power to be a true contender, it had some remarkable features such as online play and motion controls way before the rest of the industry had even thought of the concepts, and of course, it had a slew of brilliant titles that are now sadly locked to the console forevermore.

Yet very few of these titles chose this plastic prison by choice, but the again The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia is not your average title.

Created by developer Headup, this game is like a cross between Typing Of The Dead and The Exorcist and sees you sending demons and other lowlifes to hell by spelling out biblical battle crys whilst avoiding literal bullet hell. It's hilariously fun as was the developer's decision to release this game on Steam in 2019 alongside 666 physical copies of the game for the Sega Dreamcast!

When quizzed on why they thought to bring the game to Dreamcast, the team responded in an interview with The Dreamcast Junkyard "The minute we laid our hands on the very first PC version of The Textorcist, our brains just started swirling, shouting "Dreamcast! Typing of the Dead! Keyboard! Bullets!" We simply had to recreate this game for the best console ever released. It was unavoidable."

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