8 Video Games Ruined By ONE Specific Character


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Who doesn't love a good old video game sidekick or companion?

Journeying across the land in order to take on the Big Evil is always going to be that little bit more fun with a friend at your side, and whether you're sharing a tale of your mysterious past, taking on new challenges or just going for a bit of a ride with the boys aka the entirety of Final Fantasy 15, the back and forth banter can help immerse the player much more than even the gameplay can.

However inversely, if you're stuck on a sweaty car ride with an annoying blabbermouth, or constantly having to resurrect a party member with the constitution of Mr. Burns, you're going to start developing an intense loathing of your time together.

In fact, this can get so bad that any section with them in is going to cause you to break out in a rash, as your body actively begins to reject their company.

Such is the case with these games, where certain NPCs or party members rubbed people up the wrong way so much that their sandpaper personality took some of your very skin with it.

Many would even say that it ruined an otherwise great game, and others actively try to avoid or skip these levels entirely, but whatever the case, these characters really didn't gel with their audiences.

8. Hope Estheim - Final Fantasy XIII

legend of zelda skyward sword fi
Square Enix

Final Fantasy XIII is easily one of the weakest entries in the entire franchise, but that doesn't meant it's entirely bereft of charm.

Sure its battle system basically plays itself, and the game doesn't really even open up until about ten hours in, and the plot feels like the scrapings that even Hideo Kojima thought were a bit too silly, but... wait where was I going with this?

Oh, the characters! Yeah, they're mostly s**t as well, but at least they have enough personality to pull you through the game.

Hope on the other hand, is a literal charisma vacuum.

Whenever he's on screen it feels like the game just sighs and rolls over, waiting to be kicked by the critics as there is precisely zero reason to enjoy his character or his arc.

Whiney, timid, and thoroughly unlikeable, Hope is meant to inspire sympathy but ends up only garnering enough heat to melt the polar ice caps.


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