8 Video Games That Cut Truly Terrifying Enemies

Cut From The Game But Not Your Nightmares.

Resident Evil Hook Man

When it comes to video games, sometimes a title is only as good as the villains you face within it, and to some extent, that's true as players often find themselves much more motivated to see things through to the end if there's a chance of punching a smug face or two in along the way.

However much like any creative process, some ideas, for whatever reason, don't make it into the final piece, and are left to languish within the game's files just waiting for data miners to uncover. Yet for these enemies we all kind of wish they hadn't seen the light of day, because to put it bluntly they are absolutely terrifying.

With limbs all over the place, horrifying visuals, and abilities, we're actually glad these foes were felled during construction as I think it would have added to a lot of sleepless nights and probably a rather hefty therapy bill. Still, we're brave souls here at WhatCulture (said from safely behind the sofa) so let's shed some light on these deeply disturbing creatures today.

8. The Flood Juggernaut - Halo 2

Resident Evil Hook Man

We all remember that moment. That trouser-browning moment in which air escaped our lungs at such volume and intensity it was like all of the world's screams had been condensed into one being. That moment, when Halo players were introduced to The Flood.

Nobody saw this twist coming, after all the game had been marketed heavily as a sci-fi shooter focusing on the war between Humanity and The Covenant, making the appearance of a third faction midway through the title a true shock. Making matters worse was the fact that the design and end goal of The Flood was truly grim, namely that it wanted to infest all of known life in the galaxy.

The flood came in all shapes and sizes, from bloated figures that exploded when downed, to tiny parasites that charged you en mass, but hidden in the game files of Halo 2 sits another even more horrifying version called The Flood Juggernaut.

This hulking creature was nearly twice the size of Master Chief and could one-shot the player with its huge spiked tentacles, meaning that it would have been an utter fear factory to confront. Due to time constraints, the Juggernaut was cut, and I think we can all count our lucky stars we don't have to come toe to tentacle with this monster.


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