8 Video Games That Cut Truly Terrifying Enemies

7. Fast Zombie - Half Life: Alyx

Resident Evil Hook Man

I think it's safe to say that when it came to ticking the "horror" box of the incredible VR experience that was Half Life: Alyx, that said box was filled by the devs hammering a piece of metal into it as it was well and truly nailed.

The tension here is piano wire taught at the slowest of times, making for a game that feels like an unrelenting heart attack that you've willingly paid for. In places, it's a horror fan's wet dream, as shuffling zombies moan and groan at you from the dark, and headcrabs leap at you left right, and centre.

However, it turns out that during development, another mainstay of the series was cut because according to the devs "it made the experience too terrifying to play". That's right, an enemy so frightening it was cut from the game to protect the player.

The enemy in question is the Fast Zombie, a human who has been assimilated by a Fast Headcrab and gains the beasts lithe and agile moveset. In a VR game, it's easy to see why an enemy that charges you, then leaps from wall to wall would be more than players could handle, yet the thought of it in motion truly would be something spectacular.


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