8 Video Games That Did The Hard Work For You

Solid Snake has your back.

metal gear solid 2

Video games possess an amazing ability to let a person escape the humdrum of their normal lives, where they're no longer Jack from shipping but Cardinal Silver LeStrange vampire aristocrat with a penchant for punching crime in the throat.

With games we can break the boundaries of what your mind can even perceive as possible. You can travel to alien worlds, take on fantastical beasts and live out your wildest fantasies.

However some video games like to shatter this vision of paradise for reasons entirely known only to them with arduous side quests, collect-a-thons and grind-heavy gameplay that turns what should be enjoyable escapism and back into sheer tedium.

Suddenly LeStrange is no longer battling crime on the side but engaging in a QTE argument with a dry cleaner as to why they can't press a velvet catsuit.

Thankfully, some video games include bizarre workarounds to the corners they've written themselves into, and will sometimes just take the strain, pain or sometimes the fun away from the player, having NPCs do all the hard work for you.

Who doesn't love a game that...er...plays itself?


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8. No More Heroes 1 - Letz Shake

metal gear solid 2
Grasshopper Manufacture

So as anyone who's even glanced at the No More Heroes franchise can tell you, these games are all about over-the-top boss battles and a whole bucket of gore, and thus a lot of enjoyment comes from dismembering the cavalcade of crazed killers in frantic encounters.

However, as those who have experienced the franchise first hand will attest to, No More Heroes is actually a title much more interested in inverting your expectations as a player.

For example, while the boss battles are an intense sugar rush assault on the senses, in order to "unlock" them, you need to undertake literal chores like mowing grass and carrying fruit, all of which are dragged out ON PURPOSE to make you question the relationship between gratification and violence, of what you'd be prepared to do in order to satiate your bloodlust.

And even when you've earned enough cash, the game then pulls another fast one on you during the "battle" with Letz Shake. Here the stage is set for a climactic fight, and thanks to the monstrous size of the machine in front of you, it really does seem like you'll have a tough battle ahead....that is until Henry drops from the sky and eliminates the boss in one move before leaving.

Oh. Cheers. I guess? I mean he's saved you a fight but he's also...cost you...A FIGHT!? Damn you, Henry!


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