8 Video Games That Did The Hard Work For You

7. Borderlands 2 - Victims Of The Vault Hunters

metal gear solid 2
Gearbox Software

After the rampant success of Borderlands 2, fans were chomping at the bit to get back into the fray however they could, and being the lovely purveyors of pain that they are, Gearbox supported the title not only with some pretty hefty expansion packs but also some nice little holiday-themed bonus battles called "Headhunter Packs".

Yet despite not being related to Halloween Sir Hammerlock vs The Son Of Crawmerrax contained a nasty little trick for players which reared its head in the mission Victims of The Vault Hunters.

Here we're told that Sparky Flynt son of Captain Flynt a boss you punished way back way is out for revenge, and he's not alone. Sparky's gone and gathered a group of assassins from the Vault Hunters past who are desperate to take them down once and for all, however, there's just one problem.

They're all dead by the time you reach them.

Time and time again you'll arrive to find the supposed nemesis counterpart to each Vault Hunter dead, leading to Sparky getting more and more wound up. Eventually, it turns out he's the only boss left to fight and he meets his maker pretty quickly before the Vault hunters find out that each of their assassins was killed by one of their friends.

It's a nice moment but gosh dang did we miss being able to take out these nefarious foes ourselves!


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