8 Video Games That Ended WAY Too Soon

What? That's it?

Resident Evil 3

When it comes to video games, one thing is absolutely paramount. Whether your game is a sports title or a deep and complex RPG, developers strive to master that wonderfully complicated spell known as "Immersion". In a base sense this is the act of losing oneself within the video game in question, and whether it's the rich character work, beautiful graphics or addictive gameplay, if immersion has been achieved, hours and even days will slip away like hot butter into the cracks of a jacket potato.

(I've just had lunch.)

However, no matter how well constructed your worlds are, at some point things have to end. Your hero's journey will come to a close and the spell will be broken. Yet there are right ways and wrong ways to do such a final farewell. Some games masterfully lead us through a crescendo of chaos, final boss battles and victory poses in order to leave us with blood pumping and fists raised high.

These games, however? Well not so much. These were less clean cuts and more hacked off when it came to the ending, which only left players scratching their heads. So let's take a look, shall we?

8. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Resident Evil 3

It might seem rather funny to put Hideo Kojima anywhere near a list of games that ended too soon seeing as the man eats dictionaries and conspiracy theories for breakfast and vomits out bonkers plots for the rest of the day, yet MGSV truly was a game which felt completely bereft of direction come the closing act.

Throughout this incredibly produced experience we had come to learn the twists and turns of Venom Snake, of soldiers who breathe through their skin, of political strife, and of a world only barely saved from nuclear war multiple times over, and yet just when the pieces were falling in place, the entire game just fell on its arse.

It's clear that the Konami/Kojima fracas was causing some developmental issues as the final hours of the game see you rehash missions from the front end of the title before just clapping its hands together and saying "well done you did it!", much to the bemusement of fans.

Arguably Kojima went hard the other way with Death Stranding and its HOUR AND A HALF Cutscene ending. Not sure which is worse, to be honest.


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