8 Video Games That Insulted You For 100% Completion

How far are you willing to go?

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It's fair to say that we gamers are prepared to put up with a LOT when it comes to just trying to indulge in our virtual hobbies.

From getting our wallets gouged relentlessly by publishers in both upfront costs and ridiculous microtransactions, to enduring !*$% NFT garbage and about a million other supremely shady events going on in the industry, it's very possible to feel utterly drained before we've even switched on the console.

Therefore it kind of stings that extra bit when you can't even look forward to completing a title to 100% without also preparing yourself for a slap in the chops by the devs. Nobody said that aiming for a perfect completion rate was going to be easy, but did the creators of the game have to mock, provoke and embarrass their most die-hard fans along the way?

No is the clear answer here, but that didn't stop these titles from pulling your trousers down and tripping you up at least a few times before you finally cross the finish line. Cheers.

8. The Pause Master - Shrek Superslam

jurassic park the lost world jeff goldblum

One of my pet peeves in video games when it comes to trophies is when a developer sneaks in an achievement that both wastes your time and insults you for putting in the hours in order to unlock it, yet my pubes are pulled even harder by games that do this but don't even take the time to be all that well made in the first place.

Case in point Shrek Superslam, a Power Stone rip off that barely has any right being in the same genre as the aforementioned classic, which while having the staying power of a vampire in direct sunlight, tries to absolutely bleed players dry with some rather needled barbs for those that unlock the Pause Master trophy.

Now getting this trophy itself isn't hard in the slightest, all you have to is pause the game 100 times, however the issue comes with the trophy description, which states "For a hero that is desperate for a trophy. Any trophy". The irony here being that this game is desperate to keep people playing for even five minutes longer because as soon as they stop this game will be relegated to the furthest corners of obscurity forever.

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