8 Video Games That Just Aren't As Good As You Remember

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It's very easy to look back over the glut of video games we played as kids and remember things with a lovely rosy tint.

Long nights side by side our friends completing couch-co-op titles, battling against each other in the arcades, or just a moment in time captured when a video game spoke to us in some profound way.

Yet these are, as just mentioned just one point in time, or at best an emotional state we remember feeling more than the game itself, and this can sometimes warp our perception of the title as a whole into something far greater than it actually was.

So consider this the reality check, the wake-up call, which may indeed cause a bit of friction when you realize that some of our favorite games just aren't as good as we remember them when played today.

Yet don't be sad that they've been outdone and outshone by those that came after and simply remember you can still love something despite its glaring flaws (just ask my partner).

8. X-COM: UFO Defence

elder scrolls morrowind
Julian Gollop

Now truth be told, I am absolutely besotted with the X-Com franchise, shelling out at every opportunity to have my face kicked in and coughing "thank you" through bloody lips and missing teeth. I love the brutal challenge of these titles, I love the ever-growing alien threat, and the delicious micro-management that comes with guiding your team to victory as well as making sure your bases are well stocked and defended.

However even I, as a Julian Gollop shrine owner, have to draw the line at the original title X-COM: UFO defence because this game is just absolutely !*$% in places! If you thought that missing a 95% chance to hit shot in the later games was infuriating, try marching your team out of a ship one by one only to be shot down instantly by an offscreen enemy with much superior firepower to you over and over.

This wasn't a war, this was a massacre wrapped up in a confusing UI layout with button icons that seemed to actively go against what they actually did when you pressed them. This was a game that felt rigged from the start and only got worse from there, requiring you to have precognition more than any actual tactical acumen.

Guides and tutorials exist by the library full in order to help players mitigate as much of the mugging this game calls gameplay, but you can't help but feel like a mug yourself after reading the glowing reviews for this title at the time calling it the epitome of squad based tactics games.


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