8 Video Games That Just Aren't As Good As You Remember

7. Jet Set Radio

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Sometimes you only notice a problem when something else comes along and fixes it, and this is very much the case of Jet Set Radio, which only turned into a grind once Jet Set Radio Future came along and blew the original out of the water.

You see, while the game still looks absolutely stunning, and carries with it a soundtrack that is utterly iconic, Jet Set Radio Future just did everything, and I mean everything better!

From its now even slicker visuals to huge cast of characters, and an even funkier soundtrack it's like apples and oranges except the orange, in this case, is neon coloured and sings like it's been blessed by the holy spirit itself.

Yet the real issue that held Jet Set Radio back, even without comparison to its predecessor is that for a game so focused on speed, it's so bloody slow! if you hit a grind at the wrong angle your speed would be killed instantly without any way to get it back outside of hopping off and trying again.

Things also slowed to a crawl when it came to tagging, with a static mini-game tacking place, making you into a big target if the police were out on patrol.

Again these were fixed in the sequel to be more dynamic, and as a result, there's very little reason to even play the original outside of seeing what came before the second coming of Christ aka JSRF.


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