8 Video Games That KNEW They Broke The Rules

The first step is admitting it.

deus ex mankind divided

At this stage, everyone knows what an insane feat of sheer effort putting a video game together is.

The final product can be a wondrous combination of filmic cutscenes, heavyweight narrative delivery or a simply fun set of mechanics you'll play for 100s of hours, but it takes a long time to get there.

And in some cases, naturally, there'll be mistakes.

However, it's what developers do with these mistakes after they've happened, that can make or break careers. In No Man's Sky's case, all was forgiven (after a 3-5 year wait, depending on which update you came back to), whereas for Cyberpunk 2077... we're over a year since launch and parts of that game are still notably on fire.

Outside technical performance, fandoms also love immersing themselves in a given lore; a set of rules that they and the creators must then abide be as one, as an entire mythology gets laid out.

Break any one of these invisible rulesets; the bond between audience and creator, and all eyes are on what happens next.

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