8 Video Games That Let You Win In The Worst Possible Ways

It's a victory... but not likely a moral one.

Battlefield 1 Kolibri

I'm pretty sure it's a given when I say that nobody likes losing, right? It's never a pleasant experience to come up short, especially if you've given it all, and even more so if you never had a chance of winning in the first place.

However, at least in defeat you're able to gain some perspective, to look at your situation and learn from what you've been through and where you need to go next. In that sense, loss is an honest teacher.

That being said, do my opponents REALLY need to rub salt in my wounds, and eyes and now bleeding gums by not only finishing me off in an embarrassing fashion but by then executing a final move so shameful that my face is burning red? Probably not, but such is the realm of video games, which for some baffling reason will let players win against others or even the game itself in utterly humiliating ways.

While it might be very, very, very fun to pull these off yourself from time to time, when you're on the receiving end? Well, you might be the worst person to ever exist.

Yes. I am still bitter.

8. Defeating Your Opponent With A Joke Weapon - SoulCalibur

Battlefield 1 Kolibri
Bandai Namco

Fighting games, on paper at least, are meant to be the ultimate test of skill, strength, and combo memorisation. With the amount of moves available to every fighter, it becomes a real showdown for the ages when you watch players respond to situations with such speed you'd swear they had precognition.

One need only glance over at the MLG fighting tournaments all around the world to see scraps of such brilliance that they completely stun the crowds watching them. However, as with all fighting games, there's definitely a tongue in cheek air to the whole affair, and in recent years SoulCalibur has gone absolutely barmy.

From its outstanding character creator mode which lets you make absolutely atrocious combatants, the franchise offers up weapons that are... let's just call them less than practical. These joke weapons, which can be unlocked for each character, do an absolute pittance of damage and often come with stock sound effects that trigger with each hit.

So of course, these are the weapons that pros of the game routinely use to absolutely batter you into submission, along with your sanity. There's nothing like being slapped to death with a giant hand on a stick. Brilliant.

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