8 Video Games That NEVER Got Their Due

Sunset Overdrive deserved better.

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As an industry where all-out hype greases the wheels of consumerism to the tune of millions of pounds, the gaming industry sees more overnight successes and top-tier bombs than anywhere else.

Seriously, you can spend the better part of a decade deciding precisely how to roll out your game of choice; secure a ton of funding, refine preview builds and get a global fanbase excited... and become Cyberpunk 2077.

Conversely, sometimes all it takes is one good idea and in Among Us' case, a team of three people, and you can become an overnight sensation with enough revenue to see you through to retirement.

Thankfully, in a world of streaming and more gamers spotlighting their favourite titles on social media or video platforms than ever before, it does let the occasional overlooked title get a new lease on life. But all the same, there are some truly brilliant games over the years that for whatever reason, never get the eyeballs they deserve.

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