8 Video Games That Punish You For Doing NOTHING!

Maybe if Batman needs help, do something about it?

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There are plenty of ways to do nothing in a video game. Do you linger about in one spot for ages with no idea where you're supposed to go? Do you see an opportunity in the distance to get all heroic, then shrug and coldly turn the other way?

Or do you simply switch the game off, set the controller down and grab a cold one from the fridge?

You may think your passiveness isn't a big deal in the grand scheme of things. But video games can often be very attention-seeking creatures indeed, and if you're not playing at all, much less playing properly, you can be sure your player will get more than just a slap on the wrist.

Even when you've just stepped out for a few minutes without pausing the game, the consequences can be severe, forcing you to lose resources, miss out on important side quests, or even restart the game altogether.

See, sometimes playing too casually is just as reckless as tearing through the levels like a bat out of hell. And these games will certainly not let you forget that.

8. Bloodborne (2015)

batman arkham Catwoman

More often than not in FromSoftware games, NPC questlines feature a make-or-break moment that can either win that character's favour completely, or scupper your progress for an entire save file.

The story of Eileen the Crow is particularly hard to get right, especially if you're under-levelled and not totally at home with the game's combat. Your second encounter with her (or first, for the inattentive), is outside Oedon Chapel, where she will warn you of an old hunter, Henryk, who has gone mad.

She tells you where not to go to find him, saying she can handle him herself. But Eileen is an old woman by this point, and any fight she gets into without you stepping in to help will result in her death.

From the upper ledge of the Oedon Tomb, you might watch this fight unfold, thinking, "Yup, she's got this one in the bag", only for her to keel over a second later and ruin your whole playthrough.

Worse still, you might not go there at all, dooming Eileen to later turn to madness herself and attack you.

This one's absolutely a just punishment. If you did nothing to help Eileen here, you should be ashamed.


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