8 Video Games That Punished You For Being THE WORST

You reap what you sow.

metal gear solid 3 snake eater

When it comes to video games, the player is often posited as a hero of the land. Someone who, through actions big or small, will shape the world into a better place than when they found it.

Ratchet And Clank had you saving the galaxy, Ocarina Of Time had you defeat a great evil, and even Tony Hawks Pro Skater Underground had you smashing the teeth out of Eric Sparrow the little !*$% prick. Yet while these titles and many more have you acting as an agent for good (and teeth-smashing), many games allow the player to skip the light fantastic and slide down into the mouth of hell itself dragging the whole world with them.

It's not uncommon for Evil playthroughs to exist in modern titles, yet while you can indeed hog-tie people and throw them in front of oncoming trains in Red Dead Redemption, sacrifice your own warriors in God Of War just to open a door, and become evil incarnate by choosing to play League Of Legends competitively, there has to be a line drawn somewhere.

This is where these examples come in, as each are moments where video games had enough of your BS and made you pay for it with dividends on top.

8. A (Dis)Loyal Companion - Haunting Grounds

metal gear solid 3 snake eater

When it comes to dogs I am very much of the belief that there are no "bad dogs" merely "bad owners" and that the behavior of canines ultimately comes down to how they've been taught and treated throughout their lives.

As such, is it any surprise that if you mistreat and neglect video game "good boi" Hewie from the underrated survival horror Haunting Ground, that he too eventually rebels against you? Well if you were surprised by that maybe let's not have you dog sit for a while ok?

In a rather ingenious move by Capcom, Hewie actually learns from the commands given by Fiona and has the player use the right analog stick to issue orders, praise, and stern reinforcement if he's not listening.

Over time Hewie learns how to act in certain situations, waiting patiently by Fiona so as not to give away their position, or even biting harder on enemies should they attack her. However, if the player is *checks notes* a bastard, they can constantly neg on Hewie causing him to grow frustrated and angry.

To whatever end you'd want to do this I couldn't tell you, but the game itself seems to know the answer as it has a unique "super bad" ending to the game which can only be unlocked if you relentlessly neglect and verbally abuse Hewie to the point his relationship meter with you is near zero. Here he attacks Fiona and abandons her, likely realizing that a life without such abuse is a far better one.


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