8 Video Games That Reward You For Doing NOTHING

Take a break and reap the rewards.

dead rising

Sometimes the best solution to a problem is to do absolutely nothing, or more accurately, step back from a situation, analyse each component and it's outcome, and THEN move to solve it.

Not only will this avoid hitting brick walls early on in your efforts, but will also make sure you don't burn out from stress, should things not go well and avoid lulls in energy as you're not constantly reacting in the moment to new issues.

Video games however don't follow these rules. The majority of titles are about throwing you into an experience akin to the ending of 2001: A Space Odyssey and yelling "GO GO GO" in your face as you're assaulted by overwhelming stimuli.

And you know what? We love them for it!

This heightened state is what makes video games so engaging and enjoyable, but sometimes it can get a little much, and therefore it's actually quite entertaining to see examples of titles playing with the concept of always being active by rewarding the player for doing the exact opposite.

So kick off those boots and put down your weapons, as it's time to claim rewards and victory by doing absolutely nothing.

8. DON'T Kill Your Friends - Lost Odyssey

dead rising

I don't know if this needs to be stated, but killing your friends is something that you should try and avoid at all costs. Not only is it going to be a very quiet birthday party if you're cutting kidneys over cutting cakes, but who's going to have your back if you've ended up stabbing friends in theirs?

Thankfully some video games display this message loud and clear to help us avoid such a silly mistake, and while I could speak of countless RPGs that use this trope, we're going to look at Lost Odyssey, mainly because it's a title whose name has become quite apt, as it's faded into obscurity.

This glorious love letter to old-school turn-based RPGs tells the tale of a man who has forgotten his past, Kaim, and is trying to reclaim his memories with the help of a trusted group of allies.

It's a shame therefore when the Big Evil Gongora decides to use his body as a puppet and attack them. In the second battle with this absolute Oaf, Gongora will control Jansen, and if the party attacks their friend it'll likely cause a Game Over.

So what do you do? Well simply put, absolutely nothing! Just take all your counter-attack skills off and wait it out, thus leaving you with a much easier fight once Gongora gets bored! Nice.

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