8 Video Games That Reward You For Showing Mercy

Why WOULDN'T you save a pooch in need?

Resident evil 4

If you're to believe the media each and every time it sticks its beak into the video game industry, you'd be lead to believe that every single title under the sun is basically a devil-worshiping bucket of gore-nography.

However, we all know that this simply isn't the case.

While it's true that some video games out there love a bit of the old uber violence, that doesn't mean it's teaching kids to be cruel and sadistic, far from it in fact, as these games prove.

For while it may indeed be possible to crush a man's skull like it were but a grape, these video games actively reward players for NOT pulling the trigger and instead of showing compassion, kindness, and indeed, mercy.

So let's put down the guns, put down our +1 swords of ethereal annihilation, and put down the teddy bear with a rocket launcher strapped to it, and instead of extending a box cutter blade into the gut of our enemies, extend the hand of friendship.

Who knows, it might end up being better for everyone in the long run.


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8. Magus Joins Your Team - Chrono Trigger

Resident evil 4

For anyone who's played the stonkingly brilliant Chrono Trigger, you'll know that Magus is a right piece of work, appearing to have teamed up with the time-eater itself Lavos as its snivelling fleshy lackey.

After all the problems he causes you throughout your adventure, you'll likely be chomping at the bit in order to see him meet his maker, and after the party has defeated The Blackbird, you'll actually get a chance to do so.

Heading to the North Cape will show Magus standing on top of a cliff overlooking the sea, as the party draw their weapons to fight, Magus reveals that he was actually brought to this time by Lavos and was actually looking to slay the beast for ruining his life. He then presents the group a choice as to whether they want to battle him or not, and if you feel that the cad is lying you can take him apart piece by piece.

However, if you are moved by his tale you can actually choose to deny him a battle and walk away, stating that more violence will not bring back your friends. This seems to motivate the former villain and sees him actually join your party!

Not a bad reward when you consider his stat lines and abilities and yet further proves that it's team work that really will make the time-compressed, alternate future dream work.


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