8 Video Games That Reward You For Showing Mercy

7. Wolf To The Rescue - Resident Evil 4

Resident evil 4

That's to the ever tense atmosphere of the Resident Evil games, you're pretty much conditioned to view every other living being as a threat and are very likely to shoot first and ask questions never. Yet it's specifically that line of thinking that can end up making things a whole lot more difficult for yourself in the almighty Resident Evil 4.

Early on in the game, fringe connoisseur Leon S. Kennedy will hear a whimper in the distance and come across a wolf stuck in a bear trap.

Now the veteran Resi players might immediately shoot the poor pup thinking to themselves "nice try Capcom, I see what's going on here, if I free the dog it'll mutate and eat me and also THIS IS PAYBACK FOR MAKING ME POP A BROWN TROUT OUT IN MY PANTS WHEN THE DOGS CRASHED THROUGH THE WINDOW IN RESI 1"

However, childhood trauma aside, if you can indeed show this furry friend some mercy and free it from the trap, it will actually return in a later boss fight against a giant infected, El Gigante, allowing you to finish the battle in a much easier fashion. Thank you wolf, you're a true legend.


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