8 Video Games That Started Out Totally Different

Would Halo have taken off in third-person?

Halo On Mac

Not every game starts off how you might think.

From conception to, creation a lot can change along the way before the end product is finally shipped. Some of the most iconic games we know and love today were almost something totally different, with an unrecognisable direction and mechanics long ditched.

From how the game plays to the skin it dawns, nothing is set in stone until the code has been pressed to disc. Unlike a book or a film, games seem to sometimes take a totally different direction on the fly.

Whether that be down to a course correction over playstyle, chasing the trend of the time or even a buy out that seemingly comes out of nowhere. Nothing is sacred in the video game industry, that’s for sure. Whatever the reason, it is quite eye-opening to take a trip back into the past and see how some of the biggest franchises began.

Here are some of the wildest examples that started out totally different now.


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