8 Video Games That Started Out Totally Different

8. Quake

Quake 3rd Person

Coming out during the mid-’90s, Quake landed just as the first-person shooter genre was exploding and normal folk were finally getting computers in their home. Before the time of laptops and we all had that one family computer awkwardly near the dining area.

By now the grandfather of the genre with Wolfenstein 3D had already paved the way for Doom to take over the hearts and minds of most players. So after Doom helped cement this perspective of play, it seems strange that id actually planned for Quake to be a third-person melee-focused role-playing game.

Now, this was fair as the developers didn’t just want another game to be the player running around and shooting monster, Doom nailed this.

So instead, they took inspiration from properties such as Dungeons and Dragons in hope of crafting something new, but we all know how that went. John Romero eventually settled with a Doom-like and now the FPS area LAN parties are the stuff of legend.


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