8 Video Games That Utterly Failed To Live Up To The Hype

7. Evolve

Fable Anniversary
Turtle Rock

So a quick clarification here. I too bought into this hype. I played this title way back way when humans could exist in the same room at EGX and was honestly blown away by what I experienced. Sitting in a room with other review outlets smashing apart players as a forty-foot monster while whispering "WhatCulture Sends Their Regards" was an absolute joy, and I left the session feeling that this could be THE GAME I'd been looking for.

However this would end up being just the chrysalis of Evolve own downfall, as while the experience is an absolute hoot and a holler for the first couple of rounds, it's only when the asked the question of "ok so what's next" do you suddenly realize that this title is an entirely empty husk, devoid of anything resembling long term investment.

Making matters worse was that this game's advertising campaign was aggressive to the nth degree meaning that it was absolutely everywhere. Yet behind the flash graphics and clever ads, was a pre-order system that may well have been the actual monster of the piece.

Heavily inflated skins and items flooded the game within days of release and soon it became clear that it wasn't the gigantic beasts that were evolving, but the title itself as it tried every new trick it could to scam you out of a few quid. Luckily for everyone involved, this title ended up being an evolutionary dead end.

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