8 Video Games That Will Make You Hate EVERYONE

Time to get angry at the world.

League Of Legends
Riot Games

Video games, at their core, are meant to be experiences to be enjoyed. After all, we choose to spend our free time and not so free money on them so literally them class as "entertainment". Now, what form that entertainment takes is down to the player's desires. You might want an arcade twitch shooting experience, or a deep and methodical plod through an RPG, but whatever the case they are there to be enjoyed.

And yet, so many titles end up eliciting the opposite reaction. From playerbases who are cruel to each other and newcomers to titles that reward you for playing like a dick, there are video games out there that really do make you hate yourself and everyone around you.

At a time when the world needs to come together more than ever before, these eight entries are putting their middle fingers up to the idea and pulling apart the social ties that hold us together. Some are fun experiences, others are horrifying, but either way, don't expect to get through any of these without cussing your mates out something fierce.

8. Fall Guys

League Of Legends
Devolver Digital

You know that sound that the jellybean monstrosities of Fall Guys make when they're bouncing off platforms, slipping on slime, or just plummeting to their deaths? That weird warbling laughter?

That haunts my dreams. And the reason why this jolly jingle cuts through me like butter is because Fall Guys is the most sadistic, candy-coated experience I've ever played. In what can be only be described as playing Takeshi's Castle while drunk, Fall Guys challenges you to be the last bean standing across a series of challenges, and while things start off fun, before long you'll begin to see the truth.

That every other player is a t*at.

There's no team work, there's no camaraderie, it's survival of the sh*ttest and people are prepared to do anything to get that crown. Hacking is one thing (and that thing is pathetic), but another more common example is waiting at the end of the stage to grab and push players off.

Oh how I loathe thee. And yet I can't stop playing.

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