8 Video Games That Will Make You Hate EVERYONE

7. Among Us

League Of Legends

Trust. It's such an important bond that exists between loved ones, firm friends, and family members, and it's likely only to be really felt when it's called into question. It's a comforting factor that makes you feel safe knowing that a select few out there will fight your corner when the chips are down.

Among Us teaches you to abandon all of this.

Safety is an illusion, trust is a fallacy, and those friends that once had your back are now stabbing you in it. Now you're running on pure instinct, trying to sift through the lies and accusations in an effort to root out the imposters from the crew and quite honestly if you manage to make it through a play session without feeling a deep sense of hatred for the rest of the group, you've not had the Among Us experience.

Never has it been so fun to be betrayed, and while it might leave you feeling saltier than a fisherman's face you know that deep down it's only a matter of time before you're on the imposter side and free to run amok.

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