8 Video Games That Would Work Perfectly As TV Shows

If you can't beat 'em, watch 'em.


Video games are ideal for adaptation into other forms of media, able to capitalise on pre-existing audiences and ripe for securing fresh ones alike.

For a long time, it's been commonplace for successful franchises and standalone titles to be adapted into their own films, though this has produced more misses than hits. The blame can be placed on multiple factors, but the be all and end all is that it's incredibly hard to tell a game's multiple hour long story within the constraints of a two hour film. It's almost certainly going to feel rushed.

That’s where TV comes in. With it being as cinematic as ever and having the added benefit of having longer to tell a story, it is starting to assert itself as the better option.

There are many components that can make a game perfect for a TV show, whether that be a story that can be depicted over multiple seasons, complex characters that keep you invested or a superbly crafted world with endless elements to explore.

All are staples of great games, and thus those are the perfect ones to adapt into TV shows.

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