8 Video Games Where YOU Are The Final Boss

It was in you all along.

mass effect shepard

As we have covered many, MANY times before, video game boss battles are something that we as gamers live for.

The chance to put skills learned to the test or to experience something entirely new makes for the moment that will live on in the minds of fans for decades to come, and so of course a tonne of extra pressure is put on those Big Evils who would take up the mantle of the Final Boss.

However, some games like to utterly mess with the player and will introduce a rogue element to the mix.

That element is YOU.

From time to time video games will do away with clearly presented antagonists and instead pit the player against themselves, either through clones, twins, or even just straight-up telling you to merc your mate who's been playing through with you in co-op.

Either way, these shocking moments really allowed us to learn a lot about ourselves, mainly that we can be utter bastards had things gone a little differently at hero school.

8. Waxworks (1992)

mass effect shepard
Adventure Soft

Whereas most entries on this list focus on either the player taking on their friends in a battle to the death or evil clones and twins popping up to fight, 1992's horror-themed brain melter Waxworks takes the very concept of doing battle with yourself and runs with it (some would say into the ground, but that's up for debate).

Waxworks presents the player with a family under a rather nasty curse, and not the type that makes you devilishly handsome and speaks with dulcet tones in exchange for your hair follicles, but a curse that affects your entire bloodline.

Here, every time that one of the family would give birth to twins, one of them would always turn to evil in order to serve Beelzebub.

As you can imagine this makes family reunions pretty awkward indeed, yet this is exactly the task given to the player, to travel through time and eliminate these evil twins thus breaking the curse. So far so...so very weird, but it all culminates with you traveling back in time to the moment of your family's cursing and killing the witch before she can ruin so many generations and birthday parties.

HOWEVER, this being a horror game means that of course there's a final twist, and here it's revealed that just before she died, the witch cursed YOU specifically, turning you into a demon, meaning that while you've removed all these other evil twins, you've become one yourself.


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