8 Video Games Where YOU Are The Final Boss

7. Double Dragon (Arcade)

mass effect shepard

You know the expression "You can't pick your family but you can pick your friends?"

Well, thanks to the closing moments of the almighty Double Dragon that expression might come to read "but you can pick your frenemies" as hoo boy does this game end with a proper rug pull.

While protagonist brothers Jimmy and Billy Lee (also known as Bimmy thanks to a hilarious mistranslation) have been as thick as thieves throughout the base game, and have kicked evil in the face so many times that it's developed a foot fetish, when it comes to the closing moments it turns out that the only "defeat" that Bimmy is interested in is licking "de feet" of his brother's girlfriend Marian, as in a shocking turn of events he challenges his brother to a fight to the death for her affections.

Because that's what all women want isn't it? Someone actively killing their brother for you and then claiming you as a prize?

In these moments, blood being thicker than water is thrown out the window as the only blood on show here is splattering against the floor as the two players, square off against each other.

Suddenly the tension is ratcheted up to the extreme with all camaraderie is replaced with "gan radge-a-rie" (it's a Northern thing) and you'll need to bait your supposed friend into whiffing attacks in order to land that killing blow and reign as either a brother forced to knock some sense into his sibling, or a dirtbag who literally tried to steal his brother's partner just because he felt like having a "long live the king" moment.


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