8 Video Games Where You Played As The Wrong Character

7. Batman: Arkham Knight - The Wider Bat Family

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The first act of Arkham Knight, the final entry in the critically acclaimed Batman Arkham series, ends with what seems like a very cheeky twist.

Upon fighting through the Ace Chemicals plant to neutralise Scarecrow's fear toxin, the Bat comes face-to-face with Joker, who seemingly shoots him dead.

We then immediately begin playing as Jim Gordon, investigating a site where several prisoners are exhibiting Joker-like traits. This would have been an opportunity to remove Bruce Wayne from the equation and to play as the rest of the Bat Family on an investigation into just what the hell happened, and a quest for revenge against a seemingly resurrected Clown Prince.

Unfortunately, no such bold move takes place, as this just turns out to be a flashback, and within 5 minutes we're playing as Batman again, escaping from Ace Chemicals having suffered a hallucination.

We're back to the same old sandbox with the same old hero kicking the same old villains in the face.

The remainder of the game is by no means bad, but imagine being able to switch between the likes of Robin, Nightwing and Oracle, all with their own gameplay mechanics and skills, while trying to solve the mystery of The Arkham Knight.


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