8 Video Games Whose Best Endings You Never Saw

Sometimes a "bad" ending is way more satisfying than the "good" one.

Mafia III

For better or worse, the interactive nature of video games - and the fact that they try to tell "your" story as much as the writer's - means they often aren't confined by a single, official ending.

Sometimes this gives developers an excuse to throw in joke climaxes that reward the most dedicated players (the world of Silent Hill being controlled by a dog being a particular highlight), however they often allow the writers to explore multiple different endings that are just as detailed as the one considered canon.

That said, you can usually tell when you've achieved a "bad" ending, either on purpose for being an ***hole and making "evil" choices while you're playing, or by failing an integral part of the story and dooming characters (and sometimes the world) in the process.

However, while sometimes these finales are a punishment, they can occasionally outshine the "proper" ending the writers decide is official, giving players a more satisfying finale they wish was real.

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