8 Video Games With The WRONG Final Boss

Why Far Cry 3 ditched Vaas halfway through we'll never know.

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Much like the closing to a film, when it comes to video games, the ending really counts for a lot.

After all, if you can't stick your landing and put your foot in grade-A dog feces instead, players the world over are going to be left scraping their shoes come to the closing credits and cursing the developer's name.

The ways in which a title can bungle its climax are many, from terrible boss battles, weak as watery piss narrative closers, or jumped up sequel-baiting that does nothing but leave us gnashing our teeth, sometimes a video game will fall flat on its face despite having the right elements right under its nose.

For reasons we'll never quite understand, the bosses that comprise this list ended up being the fights we got, despite stronger, more entertaining and better bossesbeing snubbed at the final post.

So let's take a look at these latecomers and try to figure out why they're here and more importantly who the hell they even are.

8. Schnell Geist - Blair Witch 2

far cry 3 hoyt
Human Head Studios

Should've Been: Some manifestation of the Blair Witch herself.

When you tie your project to the Blair Witch IP then certain expectations are going to be raised.

For example, you're going to expect to find your protagonist completely lost in the mysterious witchy woods, you'll expect some intense corner wall standing to go on, and at some point, maybe, just maybe you'll catch glimpses of the titular witch.

Well Blair Witch Volume II: The Legend of Coffin gives you precisely none of these things and instead gives you the Schnell Geist, which I'm pretty sure directly translates to Fast Ghost. Intimidating, right? (Technically it translates to Quick Mind, but Fast Ghost is much more hilarious).

Now, Blair Witch Volume II: The Legend of Coffin is not a good game by any stretch, what with its wonky camera and controls, animations that seem to be set to "constantly flapping in a strong gale" (seriously what is up with all the clothing textures), but its biggest failing is that the Fast Ghost is never mentioned at all, bar in one book at the very beginning of the game.

Therefore when you come to flail against the Speedy Spectre, you'll have no idea what it is, how it connects to the plot and why the game is suddenly over for having beaten it. Brilliant.

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