8 Video Games With The WRONG Final Boss

7. The Time Reaper - Castlevania: Judgement

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Should've Been: Dracula

To be clear from the off, Castlevania Judgement is not your average Castlevania experience. Far from it in fact, especially seeing as the gameplay ditches meticulous castle exploration and platforming for out and out combat which is kind of a cross between Soul Calibre and Powerstone.

It's heaps of fun even if the controls can end up wobblier than Carmella's sweater hams, and the environmental hazards really are a delight to witness. However, one thing that will leave you scratching your head raw is the question of who the hell the final boss of this game is.

You'd likely go into this title expecting Dracula to be the be-all end-all of the experience, however when you're introduced to a newcomer called Aeon who seems to be pulling the strings, and the fact that Dracula himself can be unlocked as a fighter, you're going to feel a little adrift.

Yet here's the kicker: Aeon isn't even the final boss.

That privilege is reserved for another brand new face called The Time Reaper, which while having a cool design, is dropped onto your plate with little warning and with a backstory concerning time travel and so much fluff that it feels like chewing cotton wool by the end of things.

At least with Aeon we had a character introduced from the start to focus on, but the Time Reaper? well, he's as bad as that beach ball bastard you face with no lead-in at the end of Final Fantasy 9!

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