8 Video Games You Had To Beat More Than Once To Understand

When the finish line is only a halfway mark.

Nier automata red girl ending
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With the video game industry moving more and more towards what it terms to be "cinematic experiences" so too have we seen the rise in the lengthy, winding, and emotional narratives within them.

Now, it goes without saying that some video games don't need (and sometimes even reject) the notion of a long-form story. Instead, they focus on moment to moment gameplay, but the fact that gaming awards events are usually dominated by titles with a heavy leaning on even weightier narrative spells out that it's a trend not likely to die down any time soon.

However sometimes, much like with film, tv, and literature, video game stories can present a tale that is confusing, convoluted, and extremely difficult to follow.

Hell, thanks to the nature of video games being replayable media, some devs purposely bury their story in a manner that only repeat playthrough can help you piece together just what the heck is going on!

8. Stella Glow

Nier automata red girl ending

Occasionally a game will come along with not only a super convoluted storyline that demands a second playthrough to piece together, but will also provide you with some exceptional character development that you could never see coming.

Stella Glow for the 3DS is such a game, in that it uses the concept of a repeat playthrough to not only flesh out the story of a young adventurer looking to unite Four Witches in order to save his homeland from a great evil but also allows you to play through with the knowledge of one of your former allies late-game betrayal while picking up on new clues and hints throughout.

I adore this concept, that the devs tweaked and altered some of this wolf in sheep's clothing lines so that they become even more suspicious on a repeat playthrough, highlighting the fact that the team knew you'd not be as shocked at the reveal this second time around.

It becomes a joy to hunt down the differences and in many ways "completes" the story as we learn more about them and the world surrounding your party, leading to a super satisfying go-around.


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