8 Ways All Video Games Are Becoming Exactly The Same

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Blizzard/Bungie/Warner Bros.

The video game industry has always followed trends. Whether it was chasing the success of modern-military first-person shooters at the tail-end of the 2000s or jumping on the console-mascot platformer craze in the early 1990s, the biggest video games have always been influenced by whatever was popular at the time they were made.

But while that might be true for any medium, it gets to the point with games where the biggest new releases all seem to be different versions of the exact same title.

Developers and publishers might as well have a big checklist of features that every other game is using, as they attempt to include every single one of them without considering whether they suit the game or not.

Consequently, you could pick up any major new title without knowing anything about it and understand everything perfectly after only a few minutes or so. And while that might be beneficial for a couple of franchises or genres, the approach is inevitably going to strangle creativity, transforming the industry into an even more homogeneous mess.


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