8 Ways PES 2022 Has To Impress To Make It Worth The Wait

There will be no new Pro Evolution game this year, but will the gamble pay off with PES 2022?


This year, for the first time in two decades, Konami will not be releasing a full Pro Evolution title. Instead, this year a 'season update' will be provided, so the developers can concentrate on PES 2022 as their first title for the next generation of consoles.

The franchise is moving to the Unreal Engine, which should see the series transformed in almost every department. However, it is a big gamble from Konami who will be hoping that players will still purchase the update and those that don't will come back to the series next year.

The slogan Konami have used to advertise PES 2022 is 'Taking PES to a Whole New Level', but the truth is it could well be the make or break title in the series.

In recent years, PES has closed the gap on arch rival FIFA, but for the next generation it will need to be top of the football tree. The latest edition eFootballPES2020 produced a great game on the pitch but once again away from the gameplay it failed.

So in what areas does PES 2022 need to impress to make a year without a full new version worth the wait?

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