8 Ways PES 2022 Has To Impress To Make It Worth The Wait

7. A Game Not Full Of Microtransactions

Microtransactions are the most controversial area of gaming in 2020. While the series does not use them as much as other games, PES has been adding more content behind paywalls each year.

There is a lot of talk across the industry about microtransactions and it may just be a matter of time before they are no longer in games. After a year off, a full game it would make PES2022 the perfect time to develop a title that does not rely on them.

In My Club, some featured players can only be accessed by coins. Players can earn coins during events, but they don't last. This leaves buying coins as the only way to access the featured players week in week out.

Even if microtransactions are still in PES, a few simple changes would help. While not everyone has the time to grind all year round, just leaving the option to pay with the other in game currency, GP, would make it possible for players to unlock all of the rarest players. This was the case until recent variations of Pro Evo and could provide a simple fix.

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