8 Ways PES 2022 Has To Impress To Make It Worth The Wait

8. Overhaul Of Presentation


Presentation has never been Pro Evolution Soccer's strongest point. While the in game graphics have greatly improved over the years, the overall presentation is not in the same league as its rivals across the sports genre. EA Sports are aided by their partnerships, but their overall packages are second to none and make the experience as close to reality as possible.

In PES, the menus and the commentary are the areas that most need improving to catch up with its competitors. The menus were given an update in eFootballPES2020, but were still very basic. While the game is easy to navigate through the menus, the series has been using similar styles for two decades.

The in-game commentary had its charm earlier in the series, but it has become stale. While FIFA's isn't overhauled every year, it is updated. PES hasn't changed at all in a long time, sticking with the same team of Peter Drury and Jim Beglin since 2016. A new commentary team would bring a fresh update and sound to the series.

This is the perfect time for Konami to finally give PES the makeover it needs across all modes.

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