8 Ways Uncharted 4 Is The End Of The Xbox One

What's going to contend with this, really? Quantum Break?!

It was always going to happen sooner or later; Sony or Microsoft would license that 'one game' worth buying a console for, no questions asked. Since launch, both systems have struggled in various ways to find their footing, and especially when it comes to exclusives, to this day the nearest thing you can point to as a PS4 'system-seller' would be Bloodborne, whilst the Xbox One has fared better with Halo, Forza and Rise of the Tomb Raider (for a few more months, anyway). All that's set to change on April 26th though, as Uncharted's final instalment is generating the sort of palpable, passionate buzz reserved for epic finales and closing chapters. The title 'A Thief's End' is illusive enough to refer to everything from major character deaths to franchise-ending statements and everything in between, and with lead scribe Neil Druckmann getting out ahead of the latest trailer to dub it their 'best work yet', it's lit the console war touchpaper like never before. Uncharted 4 will be an historic event no matter what, but there's one thing for sure; the Xbox One is going to have one HELL of a time following it up with something, anything that's equally as appealing.

8. Graphics Better Than Anything We've Ever Seen

Outside the size and scope of The Witcher 3 or Fallout 4, or a mechanic like Shadow of Mordor's Nemesis system, we've hardly ever come across a game that actually made you think "Wow, this really wasn't possible on last-gen consoles." Such a thought has permeated this latest hardware cycle overall, with an air of disappointment following pretty much every major triple-A release... until now. From the first announcement to the latest story trailer, Uncharted 4 has knocked it out the park graphics-wise, all thanks to Naughty Dog's engine and rendering technology being one step ahead of everyone else. Even back when they were working on Crash Bandicoot, they'd prioritise performance and character renders first, before then seeing what they could do with level designs and playable mechanics. It's an ethos that carried through into making 2007's Uncharted a real looker, 2009's sequel a major step up and 2011's initial 'final chapter' still one of the best looking games of all time. Uncharted 4 is raising the bar once again, and although it must always be stated that graphics do not make a game (here's looking at you, The Order: 1886) it doesn't hurt that A Thief's End is going to look absolutely incredible.
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