8 Ways Uncharted 4 Is The End Of The Xbox One

7. It's A First-Party Exclusive System-Seller

There's a weird feeling when looking at all the 'console war' stuff, like many people don't want to embrace the fact that it's all a bit of fun. Think about it; why would you ever want two of the biggest companies in a given industry to not be at 'war' with one another? The only reason we're getting backwards compatibility and great games on Xbox Live's Games with Gold is because Microsoft need to catch up to Sony's lead. When such seismic companies are vying for your wallet, they'll move mountains to remain in view, and that means great exclusives, first-party collaborations (Sony helped develop Street Fighter V), unique offers and discounts all designed with the consumer in mind. When a company their size gets complacent, you get churned-out toss like Assassin's Creed: Unity - why? Because until Shadow of Mordor proved the AC formula could be done far better, Ubisoft didn't really need to change anything. Competition breeds excellence and innovation, and although it's a major get that Sony have another sequel from a globally-renowned franchise in their ranks, the flip-side is the amount of systems it'll shift should prompt Microsoft to seriously reevaluate their approach.
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