8 Weirdest Video Game Enemies (And What They Represent)

Not everything is as it seems with your favourite games.

Turtle Rock

For a medium that's just supposed to be about clobbering goblins and firing space lasers into alien faces, there sure are a lot of allegories bubbling away under the surface of most games.

From beautifully designed narratives that get you to question your very sense of being, to sprawling open worlds eerily reflective of our own, video game designers love loading up their work with a thick layer of symbolism. And of course, video game enemies are no different.

The creatures that populate our pixel worlds aren't just meat sacks made for the pummelling. Designers have poured over how to make monsters worthy of defeating, whether that's in twisted reflections of character's psyches, or by distilling primitive fears into something horrifyingly tangible, making for some of the most interesting and deep creations you can find in modern media.

Of course, this is all one long way of saying spooky monsters have more too them than just looking a bit weird, really, as we're about to reinforce in this list. But hey, you guys already knew that - it's your comments that have made the cut in this never-ending monster manual.

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